‘Recovery’ coverage

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My soapbox moment at the recent Arts & Disability Forum launch:

“I believe Recovery has tremendous potential in the arts, the health and social care sector, and the opportunities where they overlap. The combination of sonic arts technology, movement, sound and dramatic narrative has resulted in a new genre of performance. Recovery’s story of an individual’s experience of brain injury can be used as a resource for doctors, nurses, and social care professionals to increase their understanding of what their patients may be experiencing. It can also be used as a resource for families and friends of brain injury survivors, as well as those living with brain injuries as a stimulus to discuss their own experiences.

Strategically, Recovery can be linked into the policy and service development work done across Northern Ireland by DHSSPS and its Regional Acquired Brain Injury Group (established June 2010), and the annual Brain Injury Awareness Raising week organized by the individual Health Trusts. It also provides a unique opportunity for assessors on the Disability Living Allowance panels to increase their understanding of brain injury and how a hidden disability affects the individual on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, nearly everyone knows someone (either personally or professionally) who has experienced some sort of brain trauma (stroke, neurological condition affecting the nervous system, brain aneurism, blood clot, brain damage from an accident, brain tumor, etc). No two cases of neurological trauma are exactly the same, some share common symptoms; but all can’t be fully understood by anyone other than the individual experiencing it.

Recovery begins to bridge that gap.”

And the response from Health Minister Poots to my invite to the ADF launch: Image

Not nearly as robust a response as I would like, but a response. A seed planted, perhaps…