An Outside Perspective on my Outsider Perspective


I always compare living and working in Northern Ireland to being underwater: when you start to feel like you’re running out of oxygen, you must come up for air and perspective, look around, fill up, then burrow back down. When you’re underwater, it’s easy to forget about the world above, that people might be noticing the flurry of your graft, and may even find it provocative and significant. I have found such a person in the lovely Fiona Coffey, who has been researching contemporary Northern Irish women playwrights as part of her work at Tufts University. Her outside perspective on my outside perspective has been refreshing, invigorating, intelligent, and generous. She has included my work in her recent publications and conference presentations:

Fiona Coffey, “Blurring Boundaries and Collapsing Genres with Shannon Yee: Immersive Theatre, Pastiche, and Radical Openness in the North,” in Radical Contemporary Theatre Practices by Women in Ireland, edited by Miriam Haughton and Maria Kurdi. Carysfort Press, Dublin. (2015)

Radical Contemp Theatre Practices Women Ireland webpage.jpgFiona Coffey, Challenging the Peace: the Dramatic Counternarratives of Northern Irish Women Playwrights, 1980-2010, Tufts University, 2013

Conference presentation: “Contemporary Playwriting in Northern Ireland: the health and status of women writers” Association for Theatre in Higher Education, Washington DC, 2012

Conference presentation: “Queering the Troubles: Shannon Yee’s performance of queer identity in Northern Ireland” American Conference for Irish Studies Northeast Meeting, Fairfield CT, 2012

Conference presentation: “Controversial and Unpopular Challenges to the Northern Irish Peace Process: the dramatic counternarratives of contemporary female playwrights” International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures, Belgium, 2011

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