Development(s) week!

There’s a busy week ahead for a couple of my projects:

A full week of working with TheatreofplucK and actors on the script of TR<lUBLE, with a public sharing at the end…

TroubleMACInvite Print Version…and with Tinderbox Theatre Company, I’m delighted to be one a few local theatre practitioners working with Katarina Pejovic of Shadow Casters (Croatia) about how we create work that invites and immerses audiences. The 3 workshop days will be followed by a public sharing and discussion:

Invite to sharing and discussionOne of the group of practitioners will be Sandie Fisher of Assault Events, who commissioned me to develop Dirty Evangelica, which we are still developing. Our participation in this unique workshop with Shadow Casters will allow us to continue our artistic conversations about the piece which is set in an underground club.




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