‘Recovery’ secures a Wellcome Trust grant!

nf5.comI’m THRILLED that my application to the Wellcome Trust’s Public Engagement Small Arts Award program has been SUCCESSFUL! The £30,000 grant will enable the artistic team to liaise with neurology experts, further the research and development started in 2010, and work with professional actors to record Recovery for a tour across NI in early 2015.

I am delighted to be working with a fantastic team to realize this project, including the medical professionals that helped me during, and after, my time in the hospital:

Neurology Experts from the Royal Victoria Hospital: Mr. Roy McConnell (Consultant Neurosurgeon), Dr. Wendy Spence (Consultant Neuropsychologist), and Colin Williamson (Head Injury Liaison Nurse; Recipient of the Micheal Conlon Nursing Award 2010)

Artistic Team: Anna Newell (director), Paul Stapleton (sonic artist), Hanna Slattne (dramaturg), Stevie Prickett (choreographer)

Project Management Team: Andrea Montgomery (evaluator)

Part sound-installation, part radio-drama, part visceral-roller-coaster-ride, Recovery immerses a single audience member at a time in my process of reintegrating into the world with an acquired brain injury, of being ‘disassembled, and reassembled, slightly askew’. It is a story of terror, discovery, humor, but above all, hope.

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