1 suitcase + 12 hours + 2 ham sandwiches + empty room overnight

An interview about the project, courtesy of the lovely Tammy Moore & NI Scene.

Trepidation and potential in Accidental Theatre‘s office embodied in one suitcase per writer. This was in my suitcase: 1 top hat, a post-it note with ‘2 men, 3 women’ written on it, 1 teaspoon (dirty), a USB with the song ‘Into Dust’ by Mazzy Star, & 1 kid’s activity sheet about how to design a space suit.

From that, I had about 12 hours to write a short play for 2 men and 3 women, called “The Final Countdown”. It was about space tourism. Naturally.

The next day, the cast, directed by Claire Lamont (Theatre Abandon) had 6 hours in the Lyric’s Rehearsal Room:I was delighted with the results and the audience’s reception! Writing-wise, there’s little more terrifying, yet deeply satisfying, than participating in a project like ‘Fast & Loose’. After this 6th installment, Accidental Theatre now has a body of work of approximately 30 pieces of new writing from Northern Irish writers–a tremendous accomplishment!

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