‘Recovery’ feedback from Arts & Disability Forum Gallery

It feels like such a long time ago that I was meeting people over at Arts & Disability Forum’s Royal Avenue gallery to take them into the stark, white space, and then into my head.

Here’s some feedback from audience members who experienced it in a gallery space:

“It was weird.”

“I think what you have created and owned is a shockingly understated, insightful and powerful piece of advocacy for artists with disability.”

“That was a rollercoaster of emotions! Seen deep colours of the most gorgeous purple and blue tones! Totally awesome audio journey! And I cannot wait to hear the next chapter!”

“I thought the piece was an insightful reflection on your journey and reminded me of how unbelievable your recovery has been and continues to be. Miracles really do happen. I thought the audio was very skillfully written and the sound quality was outstanding.”

“I am really glad I got the chance to nip down to Belfast to catch this. It was amazing. The ‘sound experience’ was very insightful.”

“The most powerful part of the piece for me was the sense of powerlessness.”

“It was like being inside a tumble dryer.”

“I think you’ve done a great piece of work; the writing is good and the sound and the hospital experience really do work well. I went into the experience and was disorientated when it ended.”

“The piece is very powerful as art in itself, but has enormous educational potential too….very brave at so many levels.”

“The story is one that a lot of people deal with every day but not too many would like to know about. It was a masterpiece—thank you.”

“Really can’t wait to hear the next installment in this recovery process.”

“The bed really adds to the overall impact.”

“Would like to experience the completed work.”

“I love how the sound and lack of light takes your whole body in.”

“It was good getting an insight into something I hopefully will never truly experience. Very unique.”

“Shannon is a real inspiration and I think what she is doing with the ‘Recovery’ illusion is fantastic!”
Thanks to the Arts & Disability Award Ireland, which enabled the first part of this work-in-progress to be created, over 70 people experienced what it was like to be inside my head.

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