Abscesses with attitude, and how it changes your own

I’ve found it a bit disturbing/strange/reassuring (??) that there are so many people in the world that have had some sort of ‘brain thing’. A friend whose mother had an aneurism. An ex-boyfriend of a friend who had a brain tumor. A nephew-in-law who had a traumatic brain injury from a car accident. A colleague’s father who had a stroke.

A friend forwarded me this article by Tim Lusher in The Guardian (3 Nov 2009) because there were some similarities, including the Streptococcus bacteria that was the cause (fortunately not the author’s nausea and partner’s subsequent illness), but particularly the way it shifts your perspective on things.

At the time of print, the author was heading back to work after 5 months. I have to confess that, after 3 years in my own recovery, those rose-colored glasses I initially saw out of are getting a bit fuzzy around the edges. From over-use? Is that part of the recovery process itself?

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