Some quotes from ‘Gay & Troubled?’ interviews:

“For years I thought the Ardoyne area was part of the anatomy because routinely you’d hear of a man being shot ‘in the Ardoyne area’.”

“I remember during the interviews [after the raids], [the police] were asking me sort of banal questions about sexuality which I didn’t want to discuss, but outside you could hear all the bombs going off, y’know, Belfast was erupting with bombs on this bright summer’s day… detectives asking me what you did and what you would like to do and who your friends were. It just seemed so bizarre—Belfast was being blitzed and they had so much time to spend on homosexuality.”

“A helicopter dropped off all these soldiers, there was a soldier standing there with this rifle and he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen.”

“The Republican women and the women’s movement wasn’t as blended as it could’ve been.”

“In 3 years, I saw 3 people shot.  It seemed so random. There was never any explanation. It just happened, it was on the news and the next day it was over with.”

“I was going out with boys just for the look of it. It was tedious mostly.”

“What was it like being back in Northern Ireland? Shit. Shit. Shit.”

“I mean, you’d be out the back of the entries of the school, smoking and there’d be squaddies running up and down. You’d be going, ‘Oh fuck!…It’s only them.’ It’s like someone’s running up with an AK47 and you’re going, ‘Ach geez, it’s only you!”

“I thought, ‘Well, if I don’t like girls, then I must be a priest!”

“I have a theory that a lot of gay & lesbian people come out later, but we go through the same thing that 12 and 13 year olds through as teenagers, you know with our first love where you write really bad poetry but the thing is, you can afford alcohol also when you’re older. I wrote awful poetry.”

“I always think gay men are essentially monarchists and lesbians are more Republican. Gay men are metropolitan and women are more localized in many ways. “

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